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Response to COVID

Changing the "face" of Autism and Communication Disorders

In 2017,  I quit my job to create a business with my daughter to assist youth, primarily persons on the Autism Spectrum & with Communication Disorders.

We are Obsessed

Autism Friendly Business

Our goal is to develop friendships/acquaintanceships and skills to enhance financial independence. We have a personal and vested interest in Autism. Your purchase(s) assist us accomplish this goal. Obsessions provides an opportunity for persons to buy products or create their own.


Handcrafted/Handmade items made by Local Businesses

Home Decor

Gatherings — September Gatherings- purchase 2 or more workshops, get $10 off. Taken off at checkout.

A variety of gatherings (workshops).  We host workshops, events, and birthday parties, etc..

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Where is Obsessions?