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Diamond copper cuff

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Beautiful decorative copper cuff. Decorative design gives cuff dimension and depth. Cuff goes well with various outfits. It is approximately 2” in depth.

i began making copper jewelry due to my dad. He wore copper for joint pain. I wanted him to have something that was fashionable.  I love the way unsealed copper changes colors from day to day. Your skin will temporarily discolor during and after wearing unsealed  copper due to oils on your skin that react to the copper. The discoloration reminds me of a temporary tattoo.

Here are some benefits some have said of copper when worn:

  • Joint stiffness and Joint pain. Thousands of people have felt relief and relaxation from joint problems, especially those with joint stiffness. ...
  • Mineral absorption. A pure copper bracelet has micro minerals such as iron and zinc. ...

I am not a doctor and you will need to do your research.